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Air Purifier Nikken Kenko 1441

Nikken Kenko Air Purifier 1441

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Question: I have two Nikken air filters (different types) and i do not see where the details of the type is listed so that i can select the correct filters. help! a Pro and what looks like a Power 5 (but doesn't say that anywhere). thanks.

Sharron answers: Thank you for your interest in and the Nikken products. The replacement filters for the Power 5 (older Nikken air purifier) are on this page: Nikken air wellness power5 replacement filter pack

and the replacement filters for Power 5 Pro (the new Nikken air purifier) are on this page Nikken air wellness power5 pro replacement filter pack

Question: How do you change the filter on the air wellness traveller? There should be instructions on the filter box. Who keeps the original box?! Answer: You can find the Air wellness traveler manual here:

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