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Nikken KenkoLight - LED Desk Lamp Full Spectrum Lighting

Human beings weren’t meant to be indoors all the time. Sunlight is the natural form of light, and its day and night cycle promotes better sleep, daytime alertness and energy. Ordinary electric bulbs cannot produce the sun’s balanced range of light wavelengths. KenkoLight can. It brings the outdoors into your home or office with full-spectrum light as invigorating as sunshine — without glare, eyestrain or the sun’s potentially harmful UV radiation. KenkoLight features energy-saving LED technology and flicker-free operation, for use as a desk lamp, room lighting or anywhere.

Nikken KenkoLight is supplied with an adapter to operate with standard AC house current. A brightness control dial adjusts KenkoLight to any desired level of illumination. The weighted base ensures stability. An integrated USB port allows you to connect or recharge a USB 2.0-compatible device.

Light Therapy Full Spectrum LED Lighting

Nikken 1297 LED KenkoLight II full spectrum reading light

Nikken 1297 LED KenkoLight II full spectrum reading light



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