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Unfortunately the whole Elastomag product line has been discontinued by Nikken and there are none left in stock. We suggest that you look at the Nikken KenkoTherm Wraps Which can be used together with the Nikken Kenko PowerChip

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Press Bulletin

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September 3, 2002

Nikken® Elastomag® Reported “Effective” in The Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is estimated to afflict more than 10 million Americans. CTS is believed to be the most common crippling affliction of the hand.

Treatments of CTS include hand splinting, Vitamin B6 and steroid injections, and surgery. However, a recent placebo-controlled study published in the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation indicates that CTS may respond to an additional therapy: the wearing of magnets.

Dr. Michael I. Weintraub of New York Medical College Department of Neurology and Medicine and Dr. Steven P. Cole report in the peer-reviewed journal that a single blind, placebo-controlled trial in patients with “refractory symptoms from CTS,” pain was significantly reduced in 57% of the patients. And in an interview Dr. Weintraub reported that “there was also an improvement in nerve conduction in the group wearing magnets. But I would stress that these results were not accomplished with the periodic application of magnets as has been done in other studies, but by the constant wearing of magnets.”

The “wearable magnet” used in this study is marketed by Nikken*, an international manufacturer and marketer of wellness products. Nikken North America President and COO Kendall Cho says of the study:

“While this study is of great interest to us, it will not affect the way we market our products. We have many products that incorporate magnets, such as our Sleep Systems, MagSteps shoe inserts, the Elastomag wrist wraps used in the study, and other wearable products. However, we do not sell our products as therapeutic devices, and we prohibit our Independent Wellness Consultants from making therapeutic claims. Nevertheless, this study may indicate a broader range of benefits for magnetic products than we have claimed in the past.”

* Although Nikken products were used in the Weintraub study, Nikken did not fund the study.

Weintraub has come to similar conclusions in two prior studies in diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain in which Nikken products also were used. And other reports are due to be published soon.

While the report indicates that CTS is “progressive” and the relief of pain does not necessarily impact the progress of the disease, the authors also conclude that “Rehabilitative efforts to prevent chronicity and disability may be significantly impacted by magnetic biostimulation.”

Mr. Cho responds to the data: “This report appears to verify the anecdotal reports we have received about many of our products over the past 20 years. We have long recognized that our customers believe they receive benefits that go beyond a good night’s sleep in a stress-reducing environment, that exceed the benefits of a joint-warming wrist wrap. What the Weintraub study indicates is that at least some of those beliefs have a scientifically verifiable foundation in fact.”

Nikken sales during the past decade have benefited from an explosion of interest in alternative approaches to maintaining health and wellness. Hundreds of thousands of people have discovered that the promotion of sound and restful sleep, massage, relaxation, and proper nutrition are the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. And now scientific research is indicating that the ancillary benefits of Nikken advanced wellness technologies – as demonstrated by its magnetic products – may go beyond the conservative consumer product claims on which the company has built its business.

Nikken markets its wellness products in 30 countries. Annual revenues exceed $1 billion.

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