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You may consider using the KenkoTherm wraps in conjunction with the PowerChip products. You may insert the PowerChip under the wrap. Kenko Powerchip magnet Nikken

Nikken KenkoTherm Wraps

Nikken KenkoTherm Ankle Wrap 1821 Black Kenko Therm

Nikken KenkoTherm Ankle Wrap Black
Nikken KenkoTherm 1823 Elbow Wrap Black Kenko Therm

KenkoTherm Elbow Wrap Black
KenkoTherm Knee Wrap Black Nikken 1824

KenkoTherm Knee Wrap Black
Wrist Wrap Nikken KenkoTherm 1825

KenkoTherm Wrist Wrap - Black 1825
Nikken KenkoTherm Back Belt

Nikken KenkoTherm Back Support Belt
Nikken KenkoTherm DUK Tape 19126

Nikken KenkoTherm DUK Tape



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