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Nutritional Counseling

Your body relies on you as its sole resource for fuel. The raw materials you provide it when you eat are all it has to work with to keep you healthy. A diet that combines food properly and provides a rich spectrum of nutrients is fundamental to well being. Nutritional Counseling at LumaSun begins with a thorough analysis of what your body needs to function properly.

Testing reveals deficiencies, allergies and imbalances that can be corrected through an individualized program of nutrition. We help you release the unhealthy habits that have been repressing your vitality. When you begin to eat in a way that supports your body, it will reward you with amazing improvements in digestion, weight control, energy levels and physical and emotional fitness.

Detoxification is sometimes needed to help the body rebound from the accumulating effects of stress, environmental pollutants and unhealthy diets. Fasting is a quick, effective method of cleansing. LumaSun offers a comfortable fasting program that allows the body to rest and recharge while providing it with nutrient dense organic juices, teas and supplements, Skin Brushing, Colon Hydrotherapy and Controlled Breathing are also part of LumaSun's detox and rejuvenating services.

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