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The Nikken Kenko MagFlex magnetic back support can be used in conjunction with the KenkoTherm Back Belts. In a soft, comfortable knit blend, they support and stretch for ease of movement. There is a special pocket in the KenkoTherm Back Belts that can hold the MagFlex in place.

The size of the Nikken Kenko MagFlex is approximately 5.51" W X 7.48" L

Nikken KenkoTherm Back Belt-18221

Nikken Kenko back Magflex 14471 magnetic back support

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Nikken Kenko MagFlex

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Question: I have an old friend (80 yrs) who has hip pain. I was thinking of sending her a magflex back magnet to put under a wrap against her hip. Would the mini magnets be a better choice for her? Let me know. THX! Glen

Answer: The Magflex covers a larger area..The power chips can target more specific points... See the power chip page here:

Question: I want a Nikken magnetic thing that I put on my back for pain or on my wrist for pain; can't find it; need to talk to someone. I have slept on a magnetic bed thing for 20 years -- I love it.

Answer: Dear Barbara, please click here for the Magflex for your back and the wrist band plus magnet or click here for the wrist wrap

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