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Nikken PiMag® Aqua Pour® Water System - Gravity Micro Sponge Pre-Filter.

To receive optimum performance with your Nikken products, replace filters and other components when necessary. Your product manual includes the recommended intervals for inspection (where applicable) and replacement. This may need to be performed less or more frequently, depending on operating conditions.

Nikken 1362, Aqua Pour Replacement Micro Sponge

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Aqua Pour Replacement Micro Sponge Nikken #1362

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Question: Would like to know if i can clean my aqua sponge for water filter in baking soda solution with hot water. Thanks (Esther)

Answer: This is not recommended, It is advised to wash with cold water and change the Aqua Pour Replacement Micro Sponge once a year.

Question: I have an Aqua Pour gravity water system by PiMag. I just ordered another filter, as well as the ceramic one and the mineral stones. I probably don't need t he stones yet, since it's been only about a year or so, but I couldn't recall so I ordered them anyway. My question is about the sponge filter. I found one in a box in my garage, but I can't recall where it goes; I don't see any obvious areas to put it. It may be that it's for use instead of the ceramic one. I think I chose the ceramic one because it's a better filter. Is this the case? Thanks for your help and input.

Answer: Thank you for your email! The Micro sponge is a pre filter and so is the Ceramic ! One can use one or the other depending on preference and also usually in municipality treated water in the US and Canada the Micro sponge is sufficient… The mineral rocks are usually changed every year or max two years depending on the amount of added minerals one wants.

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