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This is a replacment filter Nikken part # 13152 for the discontinued PiMag® Deluxe Countertop Model # 13155 & Under Counter Water Systems Model # 13151.

To receive optimum performance with your Nikken products, replace filters and other components when necessary. Your product manual includes the recommended intervals for inspection (where applicable) and replacement. This may need to be performed less or more frequently, depending on operating conditions. See more in Q&A below.

Sharron and Luma Sun are here to answer any questions you may have. Please call at 1-602-363-4466 or email us to learn about the products and the benefits of using them.

Nikken 13152, Deluxe Counter Top & Under Counter Replacement Filter

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Deluxe Counter Top & Under Counter Replacement Filter # 13152

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Question: Hi, Can you tell me, how often do I need to replace the filter in my model 13151 under the counter water filtration unit. If I need to replace it, where can I find it? Thanks Dave.

Answer: Please find your filter and lots of information here: Nikken recommendations for filter replacements are on the web page, you can also compare to the product manuals that show on the web page as well. Our personal unofficial choice is to replace the filters at least once a year or sooner depending on use.

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