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Nikken 15461 Kenzen Clarity. Whether you’re a student who wants to excel in school, a professional who requires quick thinking on the job, a senior who wants to maintain memory and focus, or anyone who requires mental sharpness, Clarity helps support your brain power!

A fermented blend of 100% organic ingredients formulated to help you stay focused and mentally sharp, Clarity is designed to help maximize your cognitive function.* Fermentation increases the levels of macro- and micro-nutrients while breaking down food that is difficult for the body to process. In addition, some of the ingredients undergo a special sprouting process that helps improve digestibility by breaking down proteins, fats and sugars into smaller molecules while increasing levels of beneficial amino, phenolic and organic acids. Studies have shown the critical connection between brain function and gut health—they complement each other for optimum results.

Nikken 15461 Kenzen Clarity

Product Overview

Nikken 15461 Kenzen Clarity

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Other Contents

• Multifunctional organic Ashwagandha helps improve learning, memory and reaction time by increasing resistance to stress.*
• Organic Lions Mane Mushroom has been studied** for its neuroprotective properties and ability to help induce nerve growth.*
• Organic sprouted purple corn is a source of anthocyanins with antioxidant properties that help support brain health.*
• Organic turmeric helps support healthy brain function.*
• Organic periwinkle leaf helps improve blood flow to the brain.*
• Organic bacopa leaf helps support healthy memory, focus and concentration.*
• Organic ginkgo leaf helps promote mental acuity.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
**Studies are found in The National Center for Biotechnology Information and the National Institutes of Health.

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