Knee Wrap KenkoTherm Knee Support Magnetic Wraps Nikken Elastomag Magnetic Knee Brace Knee Pain Strap
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1824 KenkoTherm Knee Wrap Medium 9 3/8" (L) 5 1/3"(C/T) 4 1/2"(C/B)

1834 KenkoTherm Knee Wrap Large 9 5/8"(L) 6 1/3"(C/T) 5 1/3"(C/B)

1844 KenkoTherm Knee Wrap Extra 10 1/2"(L) 7 1/3"(C/T), 6"(C/B)

You may consider using the KenkoTherm wraps in conjunction with the PowerChip products. You may insert the PowerChip under the wrap. Kenko Powerchip magnet Nikken

KenkoTherm® Wraps include Far-Infrared Technology for temperature regulation. In a soft, comfortable knit blend, they support and stretch for ease of movement.

KenkoTherm Knee Wrap Black Nikken 1824

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KenkoTherm Knee Wrap Black

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