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Nikken 1264 Kenko ™ Dream Comforter Twin - 66" x 86"

Nikken 1265 Kenko ™ Dream Comforter Full/Queen - 86" x 86"

Nikken 1266 Kenko ™ Dream Comforter King - 102" x 90"

A perfect balance of comfort for all climates, the Kenko Dream® Comforter can help you get the relaxing, refreshing sleep you need. Revolutionary technology and the finest materials allow better rest. The Kenko Dream® Comforter features Ionic Comfort Technology — an idea based on the negative ions found in soothing outdoor settings. Chitocotton, another innovation, contains chitosan. A magnetic layer complements the magnets in your Nikken mattress to complete the cocoon effect. Far-Infrared Technology is provided by ceramic-reflective fibers. The breathable cover is finished in an elegant, satiny weave that dresses up your bed.

Nikken Kenko Dream Comforter, 1264, 1265, 1266

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Nikken Kenko™ Dream Comforter

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Kenko Dream Comforter Nikken Sleep Good Organic Mattress hypoallergenic Bedding Natural Sleep

RAM™ Technology

RAM (radial-axis magnetism) Technology features small magnetic spheres in groups of six. Each magnet is positioned so that its positive-negative axis is rotated 60 degrees relative to its neighbor. Arranged in a circle, these sequentially rotated spheres produce a series of overlapping magnetic fields.

This means that the flux energies enclose any object in proximity to them. No matter how any contact is applied, positioned, or shifted, the magnetic cocoon remains constant.

Kenko mattress pad Nikken Sleep Good Organic Mattress hypoallergenic Bedding Natural Sleep

Far-Infrared Technology

Nikken Far-Infrared Technology features specially-made, ceramic-reflective fibers that absorb energy from multiple sources — sunlight, room temperature, body heat — and reflect that energy only within the far-infrared range of the spectrum. It’s a solution that provides gentle, natural warmth yet releases excess heat, to afford comfort at all times in a wide range of ambient conditions.

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