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Nikken Kenko Magnetic PetPad Large 48" X 30". Made with the same Far-Infrared Technology used in the construction of KenkoTherm® Comforters, the Kenko™ PetPad provides your pet with the breathable warmth of ceramicreflective fibers. Combined with Advanced Magnetic Technology that features specially placed magnets, it’s the ultimate in sleep and comfort technology for your pet. For your convenience, the Kenko™ PetPad is completely machine washable.

Nikken Kenko Magnetic Pet Pad 1412

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Nikken Kenko Magnetic Pet Pad

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Hi Sharron
Got a GREAT Nikken Testimonial for the PET PAD!
It is all about LARRY!
He had hives from getting into something at the park.
The only place he choose to lie down at my house was on the Nikken Pet Pad.
There is one in his kennel and one under my desk.
When he was not on the pet pad he kept scratching... and when he is on the pet pad he is Sleeping... I woke him up when I took his photo today under my desk..

Sorry Larry...
My daughter Lindsey adopted Larry from a Rescue.
He was one of Three dogs that were rescued from a home of a Hoarder when she was found dead in her home.
Larry, Moe and Curly were there and my daughter adopted Larry.
We JUST LOVE HIM and are his GrandParents and get to have him sleep over Three Nights a week as our daughter is an RN at Phoenix Children's Hospital!
YOU JUST can't Make this stuff up!!

Far Infra-red and magnets rock!

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Hi Sharon. Here are my furbabies enjoying the pet pad in the sun. The small guy is Cedric...he's living with dry FIP.
Thank you and enjoy your weekend! Lauren

cats sleeping on Nikken magnets pet pad, cats enjoying the nikken magnetic pet pad

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