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Whether you’re dressed up or down, for keeping comfortable ThermoWear is your smart wear. Nikken ThermoWear intelligently adapts for your personal comfort. Its Far-Infrared Technology assists in temperature regulation to keep you warm or cool, and Negative-Ion Technology adds an energetic and soothing feel. The ultra-soft, stretch fabric offers support and easy care, making it perfect lounge wear or a warm under garment.

ITEM CODE (Each set is one top and bottom) 17076 Women’s small set 17077 Women’s medium set 17078 Women’s large set 17079 Men’s medium set 17080 Men’s large set 17081 Men’s extra large set

FAR-INFRARED TECHNOLOGY FOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL • Absorbs heat from multiple sources — ambient room temperature, body warmth, sunlight • Reflects this energy only in the far-infrared range, for gentle warming • Excess heat is released and escapes, to stay cool when temperature rises

NEGATIVE-ION TECHNOLOGY FOR AN INVIGORATING FEEL • Produces a stream of negative ions directly from the material • These ions are naturally present in forest air and near waterfalls • The result is an atmosphere that produces the feeling of being refreshed and restored

PREMIUM FABRIC • Ultra-soft, provides lasting comfort even for delicate skin • Light weight for smooth fit under any clothing • Stretch material is not tight or binding • Durable blend retains fit, lasts under machine washing

Nikken Kenko ThermoWear

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Nikken Kenko ThermoWear Far-Infrared smart wear

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