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For sleep, warmth or relaxation the KenkoTherm Cocoon offers Nikken TriPhase® Technology and compact convenience. Open it up and you have a queen-size bed comforter, a travel blanket or wrap for outdoor activities. Zip it closed for a snug sleeping bag. With far-infrared warmth, negative ions that refresh and invigorate, and 700-gauss magnetic coverage the Cocoon is a versatile, personal environment you can take anywhere. It folds to a compact size and is provided with a carry handle and its own drawstring bag, and both the shell and filler are made of durable, long-wearing microfiber. The KenkoTherm Cocoon is a portable expression of the unparalleled Kenko sleep experience

Nikken KenkoTherm Cocoon 1179

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Nikken KenkoTherm Cocoon

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