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Autism Testimonials

Autism Testimonials

Three months ago one of my new distributors who has a 21 year old daughter that is autistic put her on the kenko pad, and the magsteps. The daughter has wet the bed every night of her life. In five days she had stopped wetting the bed, and was sleeping through the night. Her mother said she is less aggressive and is more interactive with other people. She would be glad to share their experiences. Needless to say the mother is very excited, changing sheets every day with a bad back was much agony.

Margaret Hunter

I have heard many testimonies about success using the pet pad for babies and young children along with insoles during the day for autism. For older children, using the sleep system, insoles and necklace has changed many lives and many family's lives. In fact, I heard William Todd tell about a child in Australia where changes occurred in a matter of days. The child was 2 years 7 months old. He also talked about a doctor that helped a 14 year old to get out of diapers and speak her first words (at 14) after getting on our products.


I gave a pair of insoles to my neighbors for their 17 year old boy to use. The mother reported that she noticed he was much calmer when he became frustrated in not being able to communicate with her. Anything is a help! You need the products during the night and during the day. Jim and Barb Willis, have am autistic grandchild who use to be restless at night till they got him the large PetPad to sleep on and Magsteps for his shoes w/ wonderful results. The child now speaks, sings, and is less hyper. This is second time I have experienced such a reaction to our products with this condition. Beaufort,.


My son, James, was diagnosed with autism before the age of 3. I started attending conferences all over North America, getting newsletters from all over the world and became trained in teaching modalities that showed us a good percentage of progress. James is now 11.

“Over the years, we made progress, but James still had a sleep disorder and a rash on his arms and legs that we couldn't do anything about. I tried everything. For the sleep, I tried massage, Reiki, herbal remedies (melatonin), and even painted his room blue for a calming effect. Of course, the doctors were prescribing medicines throughout the years.

“Yet every night, this child would get up and roam all over the house, turning on TVs with loud volume, turning on lights, and going into his brothers’ rooms and wake them up. Needless to say I was struggling with lack of sleep myself. It disrupted the entire household.

“I decided to try a Nikken mattress pad on his bed. It still amazes me. For the FIRST TIME IN EIGHT YEARS, I WOKE MY SON UP! That was almost two years ago, and he continues to sleep every night, medicine-free! His body is now doing what it is supposed to be, and he is now making more progress through the day because of this good sleep he is getting. He is also now COMPLETELY medicine-free through the school day, as well!

“He has had other positive effects from Nikken products, and if I didn't experience this myself, I would have never believed it. The best part was how non-invasive all of these products are. Autism is like a puzzle, and you are always seeking the right pieces that fit. Well, I definitely found some of the biggest pieces to help my son. It didn't cure him, but his quality of life is so much better. And isn't that ultimately what we all desire?”

Carla Piccarreto


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