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High Profile Sports Figures - Nikken Testimonials

High Profile Sports Figures - Testimonials

How Nikken products have impacted the lives of many Professional Athletes, especially after they have left the game!!

JOHNNY BENCH, Hall of Fame Catcher, Cincinnati Reds "I'd broken 16 bones in my body and had shoulder surgery. I broke six bones in each foot and my rotator cuff was killing me. A friend offered an answer. He was so excited about these Nikken products that I decided to start using them. I found an enormous amount of relief, and eventually I became a distributor myself. I know I wouldn't even be playing golf now if not for Nikken. It's been unbelievable. Truly an amazing thing."

TONY GWYNN, Eight-Time National League Batting Champion, San Diego Padres "My wife talked me into using Nikken products because she was using them every day and was getting terrific results. The CM Complex skin cream made a difference for her, so I thought it wouldn't hurt me to try it and I feel great."

HAYDEN FRY, Former University of Iowa Football Coach "My biggest success was always my ability to surround myself with outstanding people. I wouldn't be with Nikken if it wasn't a winner. Frankly, when I heard that Zig Ziglar had researched the company and decided to merge his own business into Nikken, I knew it was OK Š Nikken has really turned my motor on. The number one reason is that I feel it will help a lot of people."

ROD SMITH, Denver Broncos All-Pro Wide Receiver "I had on the diamond-cut Nikken necklace, and I wore the insoles all during the week of the Super Bowl. I used the Magboy Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the game because I had a tight calf muscle. And I had one of the best games of my career on Sunday."

THOMAS BECKER, Guinness Book of World Records Marathon Bowler (After breaking his own world record by bowling nonstop for 30 hours, 2 minutes:) "The first time I broke the record, I ended up in the hospital So when I went to Las Vegas to break the record again, I used all this Nikken stuff. I slept on the Sleep System before and after I bowled. I had the MagCreator for my back. I used the Elastomag wrap for my wrists and the bottom of my spine. And the Magsteps insoles - those were awesome. After I broke the record, I went up to my hotel room, took a bath, laid down on the (Nikken) mattress pad and slept for 14 hours. And the next day, I was fine. People couldn't believe it."

DON PAIGE, Former Olympic Sprinter and World-Record Holder "When I became a Nikken wellness consultant, I called the United States Olympic Committee. I wanted to make sure the products were on their approved list, and when I got hold of the team doctor, he said, 'Don, no problem, the Nikken magnets, if you were to go to any of our Olympic training centers in the United States, all the products are there. We have them all. We love the magnetic products."

JOHN MORRIS, Former St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder "My wife introduced me to Nikken, and as a result of using the products every day for the last five years, never in my life have I felt better, slept better and had more energy. ¡I started by sharing them with players I was coaching with the California Angels. I've been on a mission ever since to share these products with everybody. You're going to see a tremendous explosion within the professional sports industry. It's also going to grow tremendously in the college and high school programs, to where these products will be a household name within a few years. And that's terribly exciting."

BUTCH TERRELL, Senior Pro Rodeo Champion "I have a saying that I put them Nikken products on all corners. I really do. I start off with little things like the socks. I use long johns unless it's really hot. I use the Elastomag wraps on all the joint areas, I use a Kenko Flex inside of an Elastomag wrap on my back, and then I use the magnetic vest. In our motor home, we have the PiMag Water System so we can take it with us every place we go."

TOM KALINOWSKI, Pro Golfer "If I go out and put Nikken products in the hands of people in the golf world, I'll sign them up, but I don't think of it as a business. I think of it as sharing. If it works for me, it's going to work for other people, so I'll share it with them. If it grows into a business for me, great, that's just an extra bonus. I'm doing it for the health aspects. It's pretty exciting."

KENNY FULLER, Olympian, National and World Champion Cyclist "I had a lot of discomfort in my shoulder. I got a knot in my left trap that's been there 12 years and has gotten progressively worse over time. I use a Super Mini on that when I'm riding my bike and sometimes when I'm off the bike. I put some of the magnets on my hip. And I use Magsteps in my shoes. It's all helped a lot. Plus I'm using the Sleep System and the comforter. I'm sleeping better and getting up more rested."

RICK HENRY, Ultimate Distance Runner (Circumnavigating the Globe) "I use the ankle wraps and knee wraps. When you're running, your ankles and knees take a tremendous amount of impact and force. So I wrap my ankles and knees with the KenkoTherm wraps. I use the Magboy after I run. And then my favorite product is my blanket, my Nikken comforter. I take that with me everywhere."

BOB McADAM, International Senior Racquetball Champion "I was determined to win the International (at age 79). I trained so hard for that, I came down with a very sore knee. I was put on medication to take down the inflammation for two months, but it didn't work. Ten days before the tourney, I still couldn't put weight on that leg. Then my son came along with a bottle of Nikken Bio-Directed Joint. I took four capsules a day. By the end of the week, my leg was feeling much better. I was able to play the seven matches and win, so now I've become a real advocate of Nikken Bio-Directed Joint."

JHOON RHEE, Grand Master, "The Father of American Tae Kwon Do" "We really like that Nikken comforter. My wife and I use that every day."

BOB KUCHENBERG - back to top, Former Miami Dolphins All-Pro Guard "It's very exciting for me to be a part of Nikken. I've been blessed to play on some championship teams and win some Super Bowls and been blessed to be around great winners and teams and people who have a destination and a goal. Often for a professional athlete, there's a void after that, because there's no head coach and no Super Bowl to point for. That's one of the wonderful qualities of Nikken. The leaders are incredible, the products are unique and wonderful, and you know you're on a team that is going somewhere."

PETER FLEMING, Former Davis Cup Doubles Champion "The first thing that caught my eye was the business opportunity. Here's a business in the health field, a field I have a great interest in and probably some credibility in, and it just seemed like a business that was tailor-made for me. But I needed to see if the products worked. I had a couple of significant product experiences, and from that point on, I was ready to go. I bought a Sleep System and was amazed at how little stiffness I had after working out very hard. From that point, I just said, I'm in, and let's go."

BRYAN MAXWELL, Former NHL player and L.A. Kings Coach "I played in the NHL for 11 years. I had some soreness and stiffness in my body, and the products made me feel better, and that's what made me take a look at Nikken. Once we saw the products were solid, we looked at the company and saw how solid the company was. We felt it was an opportunity to create some residual income for my family, and that was a huge key."

DESMOND O'BRIEN, Canadian World-Class Bodybuilder "I had a bad vehicle accident, broke my back and ended up in bed for seven-and-a-half months. A neighbor was nice enough to loan me a Nikken mattress, and it changed my life. I was very depressed when I broke my back and lost my career as a national bodybuilder, and Nikken changed that. I got back on track, I got to play with my little boy and do the things I couldn't do before."

CASEY PARSONS, Former Chicago White Sox Outfielder "I had a 13-year professional baseball career. I sustained some injuries to my lower back that caused me a lot of discomfort. Last year I was introduced to the Nikken products by a friend. When he first showed them to me, I said, "You've got to be kidding me.' But after I tried them, I was really sold and they've done a terrific job for me."

HERB RAPP, Teaching Tennis Pro "I've been teaching tennis for 25 years and played in the U.S. Open in 1969, and within the next year I developed back trouble, and that sidelined me. As late as 35, I was still nationally ranked, but from 35 on, I was plagued with tennis elbow, my lower back going out, rotator cuff injuries, and those are the injuries that most tennis players get when they move into their 30s and 40s. I was fortunate enough to have tennis elbow when two former pro football players came to our tennis club and were showing these products. My result was that I went from not being able to throw a ball underhanded on Thursday to being able to play three hours of tennis on Saturday."

PIERRE GAUDET, Trainer of Olympic Athletes "As exercise physiologists, we're committed to helping athletes improve their performance and helping them peak at the right time. We were just starting to see a lot of problems with regard to their sleep at the time Nikken came around. We would lay out a training program for the athlete, but since their sleep was not that good, they often could not go through the training program efficiently and get the results. When we tried the products and saw what they did for the athletes, I was astounded. I'll be honest with you, I did not think something like this could have that impact. Now we have world champions and Olympic champions who have benefited greatly from these products."

And many more real life stories to come, including Evander Holyfield, World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion, and others…

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