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NIKKEN & Professional Trainers / Athletes

NIKKEN & Professional Trainers / Athletes

Steve Antonopulos: Head Athletic Trainer for The Denver Broncos

"A number of our players and staff have been using the products and have reported positive feelings from them. Personally, I have found significant results from using the special insoles in my shoes on game day. During game day, we are on our feet all day long. Before using the insoles, by the end of day my feet were very tired and sore. I started using the insoles in my shoes and after the first game I noticed immediate results. Now, by the end of the game I have not noticed any feeling of tired and sore feet."

"A prominent wide receiver uses the sleep system and has made comments that he has felt better this year. He comments that the only thing he did different preventatively was the sleep system. He felt very positive about the products."

"A prominent running back injured his groin prior to the Superbowl. We used the leg wrap on him, along with the other treatments, and he was able to prepare and play in the Superbowl without problems."

"I personally, feel these products have provided positive values in treating our players. They certainly have value in treating, not only athletes, but our general population.

Rod Smith: Wide Receiver Denver Broncos # 80

"I feel better this last year than I have since my freshman year in college thanks to our products. I have not only insisted my family start using our products, they've joined me in the business!"

Bubby Briste: Quarterback Denver Broncos # 6

"After 12 years in the NFL, I'm always looking for an 'edge'. With our wellness products, I've found it! With our program, I can be more productive both on and off the field."

David Diaz-Infante: Offensive Lineman Denver Broncos # 63

"With the stability of a corporate giant, products that work and a growing demand from aging baby boomers, the timing couldn't be better"

Glenn Cadrez Linebacker Denver Broncos # 34

"I've spent my entire adult life getting paid to knock people down as hard as I can, now, with our program, I get rewarded for helping to lift other people up."

Ed McCaffre: Wide Receiver Denver Broncos # 87 P. 2 / 2

"The quality of my sleep and energy levels were improved so profoundly, that I make sure that a sleep system travels with me for all road games"

Steve Atwater Defensive Back New York Jets

"Having benefited from our products for several years now, I think everyone should experience them for themselves. They'll not only help improve you lifestyle they can enhance the quality of your life"

The world’s largest industry, health care, is now shifting to prevention. Experts predict that by the year 2000 we’ll be spending $2 trillion on health care just in the US, and project that 40% of those dollars ($800 billion) will be spent on prevention. As athletes, we understand the importance of preventative health care, and when we experience injury or illness, a quick recovery is vital to our jobs and families. We would like to invite you to join our team in both better health and participation in a great home–based health business opportunity.

Never before in the history of network marketing have world champion athletes, on this scale, teamed together in a business with a common goal. If you want to win big, you'll want to join our team.


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