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Nikken Q&A

Question: I am trying to order the Aquapour EXpress Gravity Water Filter Cartridge AND the Micro Sponge from this site... but... there are no Canadian provinces listed in the Country field... which makes ordering ...difficult... would you kindly let me know who here in the Kootenay region of BC would be able to help me order these items....? Thank you

Answer: Thank you for your email. I apologies for the difficulty you experienced in ordering. In the shopping cart on the top (next to my picture ) there is a drop down to choose Canada once you do that it will allow you to put in the Canadian address etc...I hope this is helpful ,let me know if you need further assistance.

Question; Does Nikken still sell the small Express water system? I recently noticed that it is no longer on the website.

Answer: Unfortunately It was discontinued about six months ago...

Question:Hi, I want to know when I should replace the Pimag Water filter. And when to replace the sponge & stones. Thanks, Doris

Sharron Answers: The Filter should be replaced at least once a year. For Aqua Pour the sponge I replace 2 to 3 times a year and the rocks one every 2 years…

Question:Questions about Nikken water filters. Hello, I just stumbled upon your website and wanted to ask about the NIkken systems. We are a family of 3 and was wondering which unit might best suit us: •Between the different models, it seems that the counter systems has only 1 replaceable parts while the gravity filters need 3 or 4 replaceable parts. Would you say it is wiser and more economical to buy the counter systems or is there something I am missing? •What is the difference advantage and disadvantage of the counter systems vs the gravity system? •If we got the counter system and only wanted to wash dishes, how would we divert to non filtered water? •Does the counter system do hot water? •Do you have a price list? Thank you so much any insights would be helpful to us. Haj

Sharron Answers: Hi,

Thank you for your inquiry! I am sending some info on the water systems we have in Nikken!! All filtration Systems give you the best drinking water it is a matter of how and you want to use it other than Drinking water. Please see the different features of every system!! The prices are retail and do not include shipping and Tax!!

The PiMag Deluxe Countertop Water System features the same advanced filtration and PiMag technology as the PiMag Deluxe Under Counter Water System — with the same results: superior filtration that reduces more than 30 recognized contaminants, and an instant supply of PiMag water. The design of the PiMag Deluxe Countertop Water System allows you to attach it in minutes to a faucet, for instant PiMag water on demand. No plumbing modifications are required, yet you’re able to enjoy the advantages of PiMag water right from the tap. The Filter is easy to change once a year!!

PiMag Deluxe Counter Top (13155) USD 624.00

PiMag™ Deluxe Under Counter Water System Top-of-the-line filtration technology in the PiMag Deluxe Under Counter Water System provides a defense against the broadest range of pollutants and substances found in some municipal water supplies. In more than 30 contaminants tested the reduction rate is greater than 99%! These multiple filter stages, together with pi and magnetic technologies, produce the “water of life.” The PiMag Deluxe Under Counter Water System gives you the convenience of clear, sparkling PiMag water right from its elegant faucet — and because it filters water directly from household plumbing, you have a practically unlimited supply, at any time. The under-counter design is out of the way and out of sight, but always ready to work. Easy to change filter once a year and it has an added indicator telling one when to change filter!!

Pimag Under counter Water System (13151) USD 824.00

PiMag™ Aqua Pour™ Gravity Water System

As dependable as gravity. Using an ingenious gravity flow system, the PiMag Aqua Pour can provide you with Nikken PiMag water no matter where you are. It’s a compact waterworks — producing PiMag water without plumbing. The PiMag Aqua Pour includes several stages of filtration. Water flows through a carbon medium, ion exchange resin and zeolite. Pi ceramics are in the filter, to impart “the water of life.” Final stage filtration consists of a bed of mineral stones, like the stones that provide natural filtering and minerals in streams and rivers. Nikken Magnetic Technology completes the process, as the water passes through a charged field. The PiMag Aqua Pour is the most convenient way to have a supply of PiMag water at home, in the office, while traveling — practically anywhere. Change filter once a year the rocks once every 2 years!!

Aqua Pour Gravity Water System (1360) USD 299.00

PiMag™ Aqua Pour™ Deluxe Gravity Water System

Serve it hot or cold. The Aqua Pour Deluxe features the same filtration and gravity flow technology as the original Aqua Pour, in a design that accommodates any standard water cooler or hot/cold water dispenser (not included). With the Aqua Pour Deluxe you can enjoy PiMag hot drinks or a glass of chilled PiMag water without refrigeration or ice cubes.

Aqua Pour Deluxe (13631) USD 311.00

PiMag™ Optimizer II- This is a second stage to the PIMag Water it is NOT a FILTER!!

The Nikken solution in the search for perfect water. The Nikken PiMag Optimizer II uses the same forces as those found in nature - magnetic energy, water agitation, pi technology - to produce water that is optimized, ideal for any use. A revolving pair of 4,400-gauss magnets produces a complex magnetic field – a cocoon of magnetism. The pi ring inside the pitcher exposes the water to natural minerals and coral calcium as the rotor creates a vortex (cyclone) pattern, adding oxygen. The Optimizer II has a two-liter water pitcher with a closeable spout, making it ideal for keeping optimized water that's ready for drinking. The ergonomic layout of the Optimizer II requires minimal counter space, and the digital readout panel includes multiple functions.

PiMag™ Optimizer II (1359) USD 499.00

Question: how do i wash the sponge? it is only 7 months old but seems to look dirty..

Answer: Hi Patti, Thank you for your inquiry. You can rinse the sponge as often as you like. I personally change it 2-3 times a year! It really is a pre filter and depends a lot on the quality of the water in your area!.

With Gratitude,



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