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This NOT a Medical Claim - Just an interesting story

A Doctor deals with sugar balance issues – with Nikken.

Dr. Tom Kirchhofer, DC,

At age 56 I became a Diabetic shortly after my second bout with Pancreatitis. I had lost 65 pounds in a short two months with 35 lost in the last two weeks. Once the Endocrinologist diagnosed me and gave me my first shot of Insulin, I began the long road uphill. I began exercising and made it my routine of walking briskly 4 miles most mornings (under less than one hour). I started with being able to go only one city block, then to the max. Several times, I would have to sit down and wait for the Insulin induced Hypoglycemia to go away. I found myself with various aches and discomforts in the joints, and especially in the long bones. I also had very uncomfortable feelings in my legs and feet. My toe joints would no longer bend and I felt numbness and tingling extend from my feet, half way up to my knees. A local Podiatrist loaned me a pair of Magsteps and when I had an acute attack of agony from a hand knuckle into my first finger, he handed me a set of Magboy to roll in my hand. The finger difficulty went away in less than 3 seconds (it normally took 3 - 10 minutes). I wore the Magsteps constantly and the difficulty and strange feelings went away in my legs and feet in two and a half weeks. That was nearly three years ago and it has not returned. We have duplicated this many times over the past three years. I joined Nikken as an Independent Wellness Consultant and obtained the sleep system and many other products. I can highly recommend these products to people of all levels of healing, no matter what the diagnosis. Because these are not medical products, their application is purely for making you feel better, stronger, and more comfortable than you can be without them. If the extra energy and rest reverses your disease, more power to you! Now that we have the Living Energy Water and the Cardio Strides, my life has changed even more. I have my weight under control and my exercise seems to be less of a requirement. The Cardiostrides are extremely comfortable and I am a strong advocate of the water for every Diabetic. My life as a Chiropractor, attempting to change the way we deliver health care is once again on track. What is different this time, is that I am recruiting soldiers into the Nikken army to help that mission become a reality.

Offered with your wellness in mind, I am, Very truly yours,

Tom Kirchhofer, DC


June 12 2002

Hi everyone;

I'm on the mend and back on my feet now, thanks. The accident involved concussion, whiplash, a small fracture in the low back and lots of bruising and torn muscles. A couple of seconds different and I wouldn't be here talking about it, so I won't complain too loudly! The products I have been using are:

- a far-infrared wrap on a severely bruised arm

- elastomag back belt for my ribs and back

- initially, far-infrared and elastomag headbands, together, on my neck. They helped reduce symptoms of whiplash and concussion.

- shoulder wrap for neck-to-elbow discomfort relief

- naturally, the sleep system has been a real savior.

It's now 21/2 weeks since the accident and the Doctor and Massage Therapist are both amazed at my speed of recovery. The bruising was horrific but had almost all disappeared by day 10. Still using the back belt and, of course the sleep system.

Love you all,

Myrna Nygaard, B.C., Canada

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PiMag Water Story

I had an interesting experience with the PiMag water today. I have had sinus problems for the past week and have had headaches, stuffiness, burning eyes and a lot of discomfort up behind my eyes. My eyes have been dry and irritated and the lower lids have been almost raw, with the side against the eye being extremely red. I tried new contacts, Visine and a prescription eye drop with no relief. I had an appointment today for a PiMag demo and really wanted to look less bleary eyed so on my way there, out of desperation, I dipped my fingers in my bottle of PiMag water and dripped a few drops of PiMag water in each eye. The relief was instant (and it didn't have the usual harsh feeling of tap water in the eyes... it felt almost as mild as saline solution) and by the time we reached downtown, about 10 minutes, ALL of the redness was gone for the first time in over a week! I could not believe how fast my eyes cleared up. Needless to say, I felt much better at our appointment (I think I sold a system... will know next week ) and my eyes were more clear than they've been in days. I also put on the earrings today and for the first time in several days, I didn't get a sinus headache half way through the day... just the mild throb of one TRYING to surface but couldn't!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Christian Palma’s Amazing Testimony

On October 22,1995, I left my house at 2:00 AM. I had been traveling to a restaurant/diner that was normally about 15 minutes from my house. On that night, there was a severe storm, with intense rainfall and swirling winds. The storm was later categorized as a "Hurricane". As I was driving through the storm, my car suddenly spun out of my control, off the road. It collided into the guard-rail, flipped upside-down, and while still airborne, crashed into a large tree that stopped our forward motion, forcing the car to the ground, while still upside-down. My car was completely totaled: about half of its original size; with the frame completely twisted; with broken glass scattered everywhere. I managed to squeeze my way out from under the wreckage. Now that I was out, there was an opportunity to call for help. I knew of a payphone outside of the Gym that I used to attend, which was further down the road. I made my way to the main road and started to jog along the shoulder towards the Gym. The rain was fierce, coming down in buckets (it wasn't the best jogging-weather). The road was dimly lit and there was a pick-up truck behind me going in the same direction. I continued to jog along the shoulder towards the shopping center and then… on a stretch of the road that was called "Deadman's Curve"- the truck crashed into me! Well, my skull was cracked open completely, the bones in much of my face were shattered (now replaced by Titanium), my eye was knocked out of its orbit, and my right arm suffered immense trauma. By the paramedics, I was pronounced "Dead", but was still transported to the Hospital anyway. At the hospital, I was on a ventilator with no Life signs. My Father, a highly-recognized Head of a Practice of 14 Cardiologists, was notified when it was determined who I was; he and others worked on calling every Specialist in the area to help me. After a long time in which there no life signs, a few brainwaves did appear; showing a life force was still evident. The Neurosurgeon elected to do a major emergency brain surgery, removing the majority of my right temporal lobe. I then fell into a coma, which lasted for 7 weeks, and was pronounced dead 8 times. After the coma, I was transported to a brain-trauma hospital for medical assistance. I was there for almost three months; in a wheelchair at first, and unable to talk. Slowly I learned basic life skills and how to walk and talk again. When I was released, I had more Titanium implanted in my head, in order to replace my fractured skull. Now back at home, I was doing Physical and Cognitive Therapy each day, to improve my health. However, I was no longer able to sleep at night: If I turned in at 8pm in order to start the day at 10am, I still wouldn't get ANY sleep! This sleeplessness at night led to major problems each following day. Upon starting each day, I was in a daze, unable to stay focused on the task at hand. I never had the energy to complete any of my responsibilities and would fall asleep throughout the entire day. In every class at the University, pursuing my degree, I would fall asleep constantly. There would be times when I would fall asleep, then wake up 50 times in a single class! I was unable to pay attention to the teacher and unable to take good notes. Even at home, studying somebody else's notes or doing homework, I would always drift off to sleep. Life was Unbearable! I didn't even have the strength to converse with people for very long. I would begin to nod off, making it unable to follow the conversation. My grades slipped immensely! In order to treat my problem with sleeping at night, I met with my Neurologist, my Primary Care Physician, a Pain Management doctor, and a Psychiatrist. I was given every medication possible for a Sleep-disorder- even dosages higher than had been prescribed ever before… and nothing had any effect. The following day I was always miserable, achieving nothing. Numerous sessions with 4 different respected Sleep Improvement Counselors didn't turn up a thing either. Nobody had any way of treating my problem. Even drinking tremendous amounts of coffee… like half or full gallon servings… didn't have any effect. No "energy" pills or stimulants from Fitness or Health food stores could make a difference either. This HELL continued for 5 (five) years until I met up with the Doctor who had been giving me biofeedback for my head, who was also a Sleep Counselor; this time for my 6th Sleep test. This Doctor was the only person who could explain what had been happening to me. He told me that I was NEVER reaching Delta sleep, the level 4 sleep that Human beings need to recuperate and restore their physical needs and maintain their body. He said that… In essence, the following day, my body was trying to tap into Energy-reserves that it had never replenished. He said that my brain fought so defiantly to get out of the coma that I had been under, that it now likens "deep-sleep" to the coma; it was imprinted upon my brain during my coma that "sleep made me vulnerable and defenseless", therefore, my brain would always combat it. *** This is when the doctor gave me the solution to all of my problems. He recommended trying what he said had been labeled as "the Best Sleep System in the World"...The NIKKEN SLEEP SYSTEM.*** Well, after averaging only 42 minutes of "sleep" a night for 5 years, the first night that I tried the Nikken Sleep System… I SLEPT FOR 7 HOURS AND WOKE UP COMPLETELY REFRESHED!!! That was the Most Important Event in my Life! I didn't sleep 7 hours in one week... but now I got it in one night! The feeling of refreshment was incredible! I became aware of everything around me and began to complete EVERY task that I needed to that day! I began to actually LIVE my life, never turning back!!! My grades in school jumped tremendously. I soon became the top student in my class, pulling A's consistently, making the Dean's List, and getting my degree with Honors. Life took off!! I was always getting a great night's sleep, waking up completely restored! I didn't recall dreaming at night since I was 12 years old, but I began to once again! Dreams are Great!!! Each day, I completed every chore and task that I had set out to do. I was actually able to develop a Social Life again, and began to Enjoy special moments in my life, instead of always battling the Demons that I had. The change that took place… that made everything possible once again… is that every day I have an abundant energy supply. All of the people that know me see that I achieve highly, that I live each moment to the fullest and enjoy my life once again. I now have a renewed Sense of Being, have discovered my Purpose, and surge with Life far more abundantly than ever before! *** NIKKEN's World-Class Sleep System is not only for people who've undergone an accident like mine, but EVERYONE can Benefit from it! *** Nikken is amazing!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is not a medical claim - only Sandy's experiences

Here is Sandy story:

In 1998 while showering she felt a lump under her breast — she then went to her doctor and discovered she had a tumour that was malignant. She had an operation to remove it - while she was being operated on, it was discovered that the cancer had moved to her lymph nodes under her arm. 19 lymph nodes were removed, 7 were malignant The doctors were concerned that the cancer would spread through her body so they suggested radiation and chemotherapy. She refused after hearing that the success rate would be only 30%. Because she had been in Nikken, and because she was exposed to alternative health information, she decided to take matters into her own hands. After reading "Reverse Ageing" and realising that acidity in the body leads to disease, Sandy decided to get her body in a more alkaline state. She bought a pH test kit from her local health food store. She checked her urine, and sure enough, it read 6 (acidic). She decided to doubled up on her use of kenkotherm products - (kenkotherm quilt under the sheets as well as on top, she also started wearing the kenkotherm underwear around the clock). She ate more alkaline food. Drank more water. Her pH correct somewhat to 7.0 Then she got on Pi-Mag water. Sandy drank tons of it; her pH moved to 7.4.consistantly. In February Nikken sent Sandy & Al an Optimzer to check out. She was excited that oxygen was being added to the water. She was told by many experts that oxygen in the body's s ystems is an excellent deterrent to bad health. Recently she had a P.E.T. scan done. The results came back perfect. Not a cancer cell in her body. Sandy continues to keep her pH at 7.4 - with the help of a good diet, exercise and Nikken products.

This is not a medical claim - only Sandy's experiences

If you are interested in the book: Reverse Ageing - call Blue Ribbon Video at 1-800-533-2885 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sleep System Testimonials

“My son, James, was diagnosed with autism before the age of 3. I started attending conferences all over North America, getting newsletters from all over the world and became trained in teaching modalities that showed us a good percentage of progress. James is now 11. “Over the years, we made progress, but James still had a sleep disorder and a rash on his arms and legs that we couldn't do anything about. I tried everything. For the sleep, I tried massage, Reiki, herbal remedies (melatonin), and even painted his room blue for a calming effect. Of course, the doctors were prescribing medicines throughout the years. Yet every night, this child would get up and roam all over the house, turning on TVs with loud volume, turning on lights, and going into his brothers’ rooms and wake them up. Needless to say I was struggling with lack of sleep myself. It disrupted the entire household. “I decided to try a Nikken mattress pad on his bed. It still amazes me. For the FIRST TIME IN EIGHT YEARS, I WOKE MY SON UP! That was almost two years ago, and he continues to sleep every night, medicine-free! His body is now doing what it is supposed to be, and he is now making more progress through the day because of this good sleep he is getting. He is also now COMPLETELY medicine-free through the school day, as well! “He has had other positive effects from Nikken products, and if I didn't experience this myself, I would have never believed it. The best part was how non-invasive all of these products are. Autism is like a puzzle, and you are always seeking the right pieces that fit. Well, I definitely found some of the biggest pieces to help my son. It didn't cure him, but his quality of life is so much better. And isn't that ultimately what we all desire?”

Carla Piccarreto Rochester, New York --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PalmMag Testimonial

“At our product launch, we saw many positive results with people who tried the PalmMag. The introduction of this product gives us feelings of exhilaration. My most profound experience was when I used the PalmMag with a young woman. I told her I would use the PalmMag on maximum level. I timed its use. We were at ten minutes, but she was having no negative response to the PalmMag's use, so I continued to seventeen minutes. She felt unbelievably better and was excited, as was her mother, as was I. Later that afternoon, at the Executive Lunch, the young woman gave her testimony of what had happened to her. Tamara continues to have a good response whenever she can have access to a PalmMag. Needless to say, she is very excited to receive hers so she can maintain her results.”

Ron Dillman, DDS

Redding, California

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