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Nikken Ankle Socks - Extra Large  Men 13-16

Nikken® Sport Socks - Men & Women

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Proper fit, durability and comfort are important factors in choosing sports footwear. Nikken SportSocks are designed to optimize those features, and add advanced technology that makes them superior to ordinary socks.

• Nikken Sport Socks help regulate temperature so that you remain comfortable. Special ceramic-reflective fibers in the material absorb energy from a variety of sources — ambient heat, body heat or sunlight. These fibers reflect this energy back for gentle warmth.
• These same fibers have a saturation point, and do not retain excess heat. Instead they release it into the surrounding environment. The breathable fabric aids in this process.
• Nanosilver particles are permanently woven into the material. Silver has a natural bacteriostatic effect (it blocks the rapid growth of bacteria). As bacteria are the principal cause of odor, this provides natural deodorizing.
• The Sport Sock material contains microscopic copper filaments that counteract buildup of static electricity. This prevents dryer cling and other problems caused by static.
• For use during sports or for all day wear, a fully cushioned footbed and built-in arch support add comfort. These socks are ideal either for sports or as part of a casual wardrobe.
• The specially constructed heel features a Y-shaped configuration that helps retain it in place on the foot. This not only provides a better fit but minimizes slippage.
• The Nikken Sport Sock incorporates mesh construction that adds in improving ventilation and wicking for wear in a high-temperature environment.

Medium fits 8 to 10 in women’s sizes, 6 to 8 in men’s. Large fits 10+ in women’s sizes and 9 to 12 in men’s. Extra Large fits 13 to 16 men’s.

Bacteriostatic Technology, Antistatic Technology

Ankle Sport Sock:
64.9% cotton, 12.1% acrylic (including 5% acrylic with metallic copper), 10.7% nylon, 8.1%polyester, 2.7% Lycra® rubber, 1.5% spandex
Crew Sport Sock:
68% cotton, 11.8% acrylic (including 5% acrylic with metallic copper), 8.4% nylon, 8.2% polyester, 2.2% Lycra® spandex, 1.4% rubber

Machine wash or hand wash. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH. Medium dryer setting or air dry.

WARRANTY: 30 day limited warranty

Lycra® is a registered trademark of Invista.