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Nikken Air Wellness Power 5 Replacement Filters

Nikken Air Wellness Power 5 Replacement Filters

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- Replace your air filters regularly for optimum performance -

Order directly from Nikken to ensure you receive authentic parts. Your product manual includes the recommended intervals for inspection (where applicable) and replacement. Depending on operating conditions, you may need to replace your filters less or more frequently.

We recommend ordering several filters so that you always have a clean spare on hand. When air filters are dirty, they cannot clean effectively to help you breathe freely. We recommend replacing filters every two years or when change filter indicator light is lit.

  • 5-stage advanced filtration

  • Prefilter traps large particles

  • Photocatalytic filter destroy particles

  • Carbon filter adsorbs particles

  • Nanocopper filter attracts particles

  • HEPA filter traps remaining particles

WARNING: Do not discard pre-filter/mesh filter. This item does not come with the filter replacement.