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Make Peace With Your Body. When you give your body the opportunity to heal, it will respond with its deep and powerful healing powers. At Lumasun we believe in creating a wellness environment that supports the healing process. We bring you the latest and best technologies that are easy to incorporate into the daily living and will support everyone in the household for better health and wellness.
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For over ten years we have been working with Nikken to bring the most effective wellness technologies to our clients. Our vast experience with Nikken shows tremendous benefits of using their products which help maintain good health without a need to change the way you already live.

The Nikken products include the Nikken Pimag water filters which are high-tech, multiple-stage filtration system that clean water with natural materials without chemicals with an addition of Nikken magnetic technology and ceramic elements that impart minerals to produce pi water, which is known in Asia for years as “the water of life.

The Nikken bracelets and magnetic jewelry is a line of very beautiful and effective magnetic jewelry, magnetic bracelets and magnetic necklaces that are designed to help you look and feel good. At the same time enhancing overall well-being. Magnetic jewelry that truly shines. Kenko Magnetic necklaces, power band bracelets and more...

The Nikken magnets are well known throughout the world and are used by millions of people.
The Nikken magnetic product use static (permanent) magnets, for reliability and safety. Nikken products such as the Kenko™ Sleep System use bipole and RAM™ magnets to produce a pattern of magnetic flow that creates a landscape of peaks and valleys of magnetic energy considered ideal for a sleep surface. The Nikken insoles use patented EQL Magnetic Technology that maximizes the number of intersecting flux fields and consistency of coverage.


Customer Notes Interest: Purchasing Product Comments: Thank you Dr. Louie. Ordering was so easy. We have been using Nikken products since 1990 and will continue!

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