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When your feet hurt, your whole body knows it. But you can be relaxed and comfortable even if you are on your toes all day, thanks to Nikken insoles. Nikken introduced the original Magsteps in 1975 the company first product. The textured surface was inspired by the pebbles found underfoot in Japanese public baths, known to produce a stimulating and energizing sensation. In the insoles, this was combined with magnetic technology, another ancient principle. Today Magsteps, Magstrides and Kidstrides are in shoes all over the world.

Nikken Magnetic Insoles

Nikken Magsteps - Magnetic insoles 2020,2021,2022

Magsteps - Magnetic Insoles by Nikken
Nikken Kenko mStrides Magnetic Insoles

Nikken Kenko mStrides Magnetic Insoles
mSteps magnetic insoles by Nikken  20213, 20214

mSteps Magnetic Insoles by Nikken 20213, 20214

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Magsteps® & Magstrides™ Testimonials

“On my second day at a tradeshow, another exhibitor came to my booth with very sore feet. I trimmed a pair of Magsteps to her size and she put them in her shoes right away. After going out that night, she walked in the next morning with no discomfort at all. In fact, she couldn’t remember when her feet stopped hurting – even her husband noticed. She came back and bought another pair for her daughter. As a result of her testimonial, I sold six additional pairs of Magsteps that day.”

–Elaine Feser

“I went to the drugstore and purchased a pair of magnetic insoles. They provided a little relief, but not enough. Then someone told me I had the wrong brand – and had me try Nikken Magsteps.

What a difference!”

–Alma Harkema

“My father, age 79, is severely diabetic. Due to his poor circulation, he couldn’t feel when he suffered serious burns to his foot from a heating coil. As typical with diabetic patients, the healing process had been very slow. The injury became infected, and his doctor feared he might have to amputate. That was when I introduced my father to Magstrides. Within two months, his burn was completely healed. The Magstrides gave my father a jump-start on the road to recovery, and he’s very excited about the results. The tingling and soreness in his feet and legs have been replaced with warmth. He feels energized and has improved mobility, at times even walking without his cane. My father’s confidence has greatly improved in all aspects. It’s like he has his life back!”

–Dennise Freeman

“The physical demands of my job as a piano/furniture mover were extremely stressful. Then one of my clients, formerly a podiatrist, tipped me with a pair of Magstrides. Willing to try anything once, I put them in my shoes. Before I knew it, a year had passed and I was working as hard as ever – comfortably. It’s now been three years, and I’m still working as a mover, and still wearing the Magstrides. These products work!”

–Jeff Shonkwiler

“After wearing Magstrides for one week, I was aware that I had much more energy at the end of my work day. My success with these insoles convinced me to try many of the other Nikken magnetic products, and I’ve found that these products really work for me!”

–Patricia Smith

I have suffered with Neuropathy for sixteen years and after many surgeries, medication and devices, I still suffer 24/7. My brother is a diabetic and got relief from magnetic insoles.

- Donald

The Use of magnets in natural medicine and wellness started back in 1493 by physician and alchemist Paracelsus who used magnets to pull disease away from the human body. Also Franz Anton Mesmer, who made hypnotism popular, had a magnetic healing clinic. Both practitioners belied greatly in the great effect of magnets and their healing powers. Medical magnets were very common in the late 1800 and today magnets are very popular to heal leg foot pain, flat feet, diabetic foot and neuropathy. Nikken insoles are well known to help with feet pain, foot swelling, sore feet, arch pain, foot arthritis and such. Nikken produces a few types of insoles like the magsteps, magstrides, kidstrides reflexology insoles and niken have helped thousands of people with their feet problems.

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1. Does the item # 2025, Magstride medium, come in pairs, or do I need to order 2 to make a pair?

Sharron Answers: All Nikken's Insoles come in a pair, so you get two insoles with the order of any of Nikken's insoles

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