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The loved Nikken Magboy was upgraded to the new and exciting Nikken Kenko Magduo 13201. See more exciting details about the new Magduo by clicking the image or button on this page...

Nikken Magduo (Previously Magboy 1320)

Nikken Magduo (Previously Magboy 1320)

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Nikken Magduo (Previously Magboy 1320)

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Questions and Answers about Magboy by Nikken

Question: want to know how to use a pair of mag balls. do you keep them seperated as you roll them?

Answer: You keep the MagBoy in the case and it does the work..

Magboy Product Testimonials:

Sent: Monday, March 08, 2010 9:42 AM

Hi. I see your website for Nikken. The Magboys are great. I lost mine, and ordered new ones. They help with fibromyalgia. I am one of the 10% that are blessed by magnetic therapy. Just wanted to let you know my story.

Happy living!

Kay L.

Question: I need to order one maginet ball for the magboy massager I have. I had one fall out and lost it. Please write if I'm able to get a replacement?

Answer: Dear Sue, I am sorry but we do not have the replacement ball for the magboy it comes together..

Question: Does the Magboy contain batteries? Is it possible to purchase one and have it sent to Australia?

Sharron answers: Thank you for your inquiry. The Magboy is manual ,no batteries. We do have an advanced version the PowerMag that uses batteries… Please click here for the Nikken Biaxial PowerMag

We cannot ship to Australia but I do have a Nikken consultant in my organization who could order it for you in Australia. You could also become a consultant if you choose and order it yourself.. Please click here to see more information and become a Nikken wellness consultant and distributor

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